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Apple may soon let you rent movies fresh from the theater

A report says major movie studios might work out a way to let you download movies just weeks after playing in theaters.

Theaters Hope To Lure Back Customers With Amenities

A report says movie studios might find a way to let you watch new movies sooner. 

Boston Globe

One day soon, you might be able to watch a movie just a few weeks after it's been in theaters.

Prominent movie studios like Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures could potentially partner with distributors like Apple and Comcast to offer digital rentals, according to a Bloomberg report Friday. After months of negotiating, the film studios so far have been unable to reach a deal with theater chains that would give them a share of revenue from such a plan. But the studios may go ahead with the project anyway, the report said. 

Creating some type of rental plan could shore up losses from slumping DVD sales, the report said.

Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Comcast and Apple declined to comment.