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Apple CEO Tim Cook marks Steve Jobs' birthday with tribute video

Cook tweets video of a pond at Apple Park, saying Jobs' "vision is reflected" at the headquarters.


Apple CEO Tim Cook sitting with Steve Jobs at an event in 2007.

James Martin/CNET

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs would have been 64 years old Sunday, and to mark the occasion, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a tribute to the late Apple co-founder.

In his tweet, which included a brief video of a pond at Apple Park, Cooks says Jobs' "vision is reflected" all around Apple's new corporate headquarters.

"Steve's vision is reflected all around us at Apple Park," Cook wrote in his tweet. "He would have loved it here, in this place he dreamed up -- the home and inspiration for Apple's future innovations. We miss him today on his 64th birthday, and every day."

Building the new campus was one of Jobs' dying wishes. An ailing Jobs went before the Cupertino City Council just months before his death in 2011 to pitch the project personally. (They approved it, unanimously, two years later.)

The campus, which opened in 2017, is home to several buildings, most prominently a 2.8-million square-foot ring unofficially known as the Spaceship. That latter building boasts four-story curved glass panels, custom aluminum doorhandles and one of the largest roof-mounted solar farms in the world. It's the new home for more than 12,000 Apple employees, a sizable chunk of Apple's Cupertino workforce.

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