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Apple CEO Tim Cook joins Twitter, tweets about shop visits

Apple's CEO has joined Twitter, as part of a company-wide push promoting its latest products.

It's taken a while, but Apple's CEO Tim Cook has finally joined Twitter.

Despite only just having signed up, he's already just shy of 200,000 followers, which is pretty impressive. He's only tweeted once so far, and you won't be surprised to hear what it was about.

"Visited retail stores in Palo Alto today," the Cookie monster tweeted. "Seeing so many happy customers reminds us of why we do what we do."

Shame he wasn't down at the Pasadena Apple Store the night the new iPhones launched. Some customers there weren't quite as happy as the ones Cook saw.

Cook is following 26 accounts, including the usual Apple accounts, comedy news show The Daily Show, Nike, Bill Clinton, Pope Francis, Kings of Leon, chat show host Jimmy Fallon, and a couple of other Apple bods.

Apple has also started using its @iTunes account this week, alongside the launch of iTunes Radio and iOS 7. 

Apple has been slow to embrace social media like Twitter. It launched Ping, which let you follow artists on iTunes, but that died a death just two years after launch. It was replaced with more standard Facebook and Twitter integration in iTunes. It's typical Apple, wanting to control social media by taking a walled garden approach.

The company has been on quite a promotional push of late, which is obviously to do with it releasing two new iPhones. Usually Apple keeps the media at arm's length, but it granted some interviews with top-level bods like the bouffanted Craig Federighi, Cook himself, and notoriously interview-shy Jony Ive. Which is quite a change for Apple.

Do you think Apple is changing its approach? Is it more approachable now? Less arrogant, maybe? Let me know what you reckon in the comments, or on our ever-welcoming Facebook page.