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Apple calls Samsung a copycat in court

week in review Patent-infringement trial heats up, while Google gets slapped with a record FTC fine. Also: Square and Starbucks meet over coffee.

Apple is using Samsung's own words against it in their high-stakes patent-infringement trial.

Apple pointed to an internal Samsung document highlighting the weaknesses of the Galaxy S1 compared with the iPhone as further evidence that Samsung has copied its work. The document, a "relative evaluation report" on the Galaxy S1 and iPhone published in March 2010 and unearthed by Apple, highlights where Samsung's flagship phone fell short of the iPhone.

Apple will draw on this document as proof that Samsung actively compared its products against the iPhone, and made strides to better mimic the blockbuster device. Samsung, however, would argue that it does opposition research against all its major rivals.

Apple tapped Susan Kare, perhaps best known for designing the original set of icons for Apple's first Macintosh, to compare Apple's patented iOS user interface with Samsung's devices. Kare said she examined phones from both companies and found "substantial similarities" between the two. Enough to the point where she confused the devices on the first day she had come in to look at them as part of her testimony preparation.
•  Apple design expert calls Samsung a copycat
•  Samsung attacks Apple's claim of marketplace confusion
•  Samsung: Our smartphones are 'distinctly different'
•  Samsung says Apple destroyed evidence
•  Malfunction, not iPad, played greater role in Galaxy returns
•  Samsung gives Apple the 'boot' in defense
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More headlines

FTC hits Google with $22.5 million fine for Safari tracking

It's the largest penalty ever for a violation of an FTC order. The agency says that "sends a clear message" to all companies large and small to "keep their privacy promises to consumers."
•  FTC takes to Twitter to explain $22.5M fine against Google

New boss, old tune: Yahoo's Marissa Mayer reviewing strategy

In an SEC filing, Yahoo's newly appointed CEO hints at a restructuring and a new plan for the billions it expects from the company's stake in Alibaba.
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Square, Starbucks aim to give mobile payments a jolt

The mobile payments startup will handle the coffeehouse chain's credit and debit purchases, while getting a $25 million investment in return.
•  Starbucks aims to take Square, digital payments mainstream

Journalist blames Apple tech for allowing iCloud hack

Former Gizmodo reporter says device wipes and Twitter breaches occurred after an AppleCare technician fell victim to a bit of social engineering.
•  Apple responds to journalist's iCloud hack
•  Apple freezes AppleID password resets requested over the phone
•  Amazon addresses security exploit after journalist hack

NASA rover successfully lowered to surface of Mars

In a technological tour de force, NASA's nuclear-powered Curiosity rover was lowered to the surface of Mars by a rocket-powered flying crane late Sunday to kick off a $2.5 billion mission.
•  Curiosity Mars rover healthy after dramatic landing
•  Curiosity sends back first full-resolution images
•  Triumphant arrival on Mars? Check. What's next for Curiosity?
•  Mars Curiosity rover gets the Lego treatment

U.S. report: FCC's cell phone radiation guidelines outdated

Cell phone usage changes and new research could affect cell phone exposure limits, says a report by the Government Accountability Office.
•  Congressman introduces new bill for cell-radiation warning labels

Amazon goes for college crowd, launches rental textbook service

The textbook industry is under fresh attack, as starts letting customers rent paper text books.
•  Amazon launches social game development studios
•  Amazon reportedly delivers Lockers service to San Francisco

Acer begs Microsoft to 'think twice' about Surface tablet

The CEO of the Microsoft partner tells the Financial Times that the competition would have "a huge negative impact" for the computing ecosystem.
•  Microsoft bulking up on staff for next-gen Surface devices
•  Just how much will Microsoft Surface cost?

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