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Apple: Calling all iPhone engineers

Company is looking to hire software and hardware techies to beef up features of its mobile phone.

Apple is putting out a call for engineers to join its ranks in an effort to beef up its iPhone.

The hybrid hardware maker is looking to expand its work force, as it seeks to push its iPhone out the door by June. Beyond its hunt for computer geeks and hipster iPod project managers, Apple for a number of software and hardware engineers, as well as quality control testers, for its .

The company is looking to add 33 positions to its iPhone ranks, ranging from electronic engineers to an engineering project manager for its camera feature to a telephony embedded software engineer to develop more middleware features to add to its library.

However, as Apple looks to bolster its brain base on its iPhone project, it's unclear whether it will allocate resources to features in which consumers appear to be most interested. In a recent , 23 percent of readers found the multitouch interface feature stood out the most, while 14 percent chose full-fledged Mac OS X.

But while Apple is looking to hire an iPhone engineering project manager for its camera feature, less than half a percent of the 6,187 readers who responded to the poll listed that as an outstanding feature.