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Can you leave the iPhone's Home button behind? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 98)

The iPhone 8 will reportedly change how you use an iPhone, Apple shows off its first batch of AR apps and those crazy AirPods are dominating the wireless earbud market.

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Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 98

The Apple Byte Extra Crunchy show notes

iPhone 8:

Apple invites have arrived! "Let's meet at our place." Wow @Apple, a little forward there aren't you? September 12 is official! #iPhone8

Apple event is official: Sept. 12

How Apple plans to change the way you use the next iPhone

This is what the floating dock looks like on an iPhone

And this is what the floating dock looks like on iPhone when invoked in apps


Here are the first ARKit apps coming from major developers with iOS 11 (videos)

The first ARKit apps reveal how Apple's AR works

ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale


AirPods are gobbling up the totally wireless earphone market

iPhone cases:

Major Apple casemakers updating internal SKUs to 'iPhone 8', 'iPhone 8 Plus' and 'iPhone Edition'

'iPhone 8' Could Start at $999 for 64GB Capacity

Source claims iPhone 8's wireless charging will be really, really slow

Apple acknowledges Siri leadership has officially moved from Eddy Cue to Craig Federighi

Sony's voice-enabled wireless speaker looks like Apple's HomePod, costs less 

Apple TV:

Apple spars with movie studios over pricing ahead of Apple TV rollout

Upcoming Amazon Prime Video App for Apple TV May Not Be Ready for September Launch

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