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We celebrate 10 years of the iPhone ... with more iPhone 8 rumors! (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 90)

A look back at the iPhone and its origins: Who could forget the Motorola Rokr? Plus, new iPhone 8 rumors and what its fingerprint sensor could be like.


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Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 90

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iPhone-creator Tony Fadell: don't let smartphones threaten your 'analogue life'

Apple Beta Software Program

Possible Future iPhone Finger Print Sensor:

Qualcomm is taking fingerprint scanners below the surface

Vivo Unveils Screen-Embedded Fingerprint Sensor Technology at MWC2017 Shanghai

New Charging Sound Discovered in iOS 11, Perhaps for iPhone 8 Inductive Wireless Charging Functionality

More iPhone 8 Rumors:

iPhone 8 Expected to Include Faster 10W USB-C Wall Charger

Meet the new iPhone (iPhone 8) - The Closest Look Yet - Hands on Video

Apple Glasses:

Apple Acquires German Eye Tracking Firm SensoMotoric Instruments

Jay Z calls out Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine on '4:44' Tidal exclusive

21% of Windows users plan to switch to Mac, says survey – against 2% Mac to Windows

Apple Celebrates America's National Parks This July With Donations and Apple Watch Challenge

StarCraft Remastered Announcement


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