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Tech Industry

Apple bolsters Newton 2.0

At Macworld today, Apple unveiled a new version of the Newton operating system that lets users transfer info from desktop systems to the portable device.

SAN FRANCISCO--Apple Computer today officially unveiled Newton 2.0, a free upgrade of the personal digital assistant (PDA) operating system that boasts improved support for data transfer. Within the next few months, the company also plans to add TCP/IP support to Newton 2.0 for easier Net access, Apple officials said.

The operating system upgrade is available now in a prerelease version for System 7, and a Windows version will be available next month.

The data transfer utility, called Newton Press, lets users drop graphics files, email messages, documents, and Web files onto the Newton icon. Newton Press automatically reformats files so they can be read on the Newton device, officials said.

A Newton Backup Utility (NBU) now lets users backup files from PCs to Newtons. A prerelease version of NBU is available free and can be downloaded from the Web.