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Apple boardroom gains Google's Schmidt

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has joined Apple Computer's board of directors, the companies said this week.


The move brings the total population of the board up to eight, including former Vice President Al Gore--and of course Apple's iconic CEO Steve Jobs.

Schmidt's appointment was seen by many bloggers as a strategic move against a mutual foe: Microsoft. But some were wondering whether a closer partnership between the two companies will just create another giant to deal with.

Blog community response:

"No one can outspend Microsoft, but one can outsmart them. An Apple-Google informal alliance is one way of taking on Microsoft and its coterie."
--Om Malik

"Google alone is frightening enough for Microsoft. One way or the other, this could mean exciting things in the future. Granted, you've got to give a nod to the 'Google is Evil' perspective and this budding partnership might end up being awful - we'll see! I at least can't help but be intrigued."

"What can we expect from this development? My prediction: nothing. Despite the potential for spying all kinds of conspiracy theories in this move, my guess is that this was just Jobs and company saying, 'Hey, Eric is a smart guy and knows a lot of what's going on in places that Apple isn't. We could use his advice.'"
--Blackfriars' Marketing