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Apple Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard does support (some?) startup key functions

Apple Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard does support (some?) startup key functions

Originally published Oct. 2nd, updated Oct. 3rd

Earlier this week we reported on some possible troubleshooting issues with Apple's wireless bluetooth mouse/keyboard combination, including the apparent inability to access startup options by holding down keys (as indicated by an Apple field rrepresentative). We have now confirmed with Apple that the keyboard does in fact support some startup key functions.

Specifically, Apple spokesperson Nathalie Welch told us "Once paired with your system the Wireless keyboard supports (startup) booting with the 'C' key down to boot from a CD. Booting with the 'T' key down is also supported to put a system into FireWire target disk mode." What isn't entirely clear from this statement is whether all key combinations work at startup, or if Apple has just implemented the ability to use these two particular keys (arguably the most important for troubleshooting work) at startup. We're awaiting clarification from Apple on this point.

UPDATE:Several readers have asked if the wireless keyboard will be able to wake a system from sleep. Apple indicates that it will.


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