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Apple, AT&T sued again over iPhone 3G

A new lawsuit claims that Apple and AT&T knew that the iPhone 3G was going to encounter reception issues but failed to warn consumers of the problem.

Another lawsuit has been filed over the iPhone 3G's network performance. CNET

Apple and AT&T are facing another lawsuit over the iPhone 3G.

This time, William Gillis of San Diego is suing the two companies, claiming that they "have misrepresented the speed, strength, and performance of the 3G bandwidth network," according to freelance journalist Justin McLachlan. Apple has acknowledged the complaints over the iPhone 3G's reception and has promised to fix the issues via a software update.

Apple was sued in August over the iPhone 3G by an Alabama woman who claimed that the company deceived consumers by promising that the iPhone 3G would be "twice as fast" as the original iPhone.

Gillis is taking a slightly different tack, according to AppleInsider: he's claiming that the companies knew that the volume of iPhone 3Gs sold would cause the kind of network congestion problems that occurred because they were aware of the iPhone 3G's power issues.