Apple appoints Cookie Monster as its spokesman

Technically incorrect: To make you still pay attention to the iPhone 6S, Apple releases an ad featuring some people's favorite muppet performing his muppetry.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


The Cookie Monster and Siri. A fine pair.

Apple/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Your company is in the middle of a perilous fight against the FBI.

Your latest phone is looking a touch worn, especially as it looks exactly like the phone that came before it.

You've got to create some excitement.

In times like these, you reach for a star. Apple though, has been through a few of late -- everyone from Selena Gomez to Stephen Curry.

So the vast, creative Cupertino brains decided to reach to a perennial icon, one who's never going to be caught in a scandal.

Yes, the Cookie Monster.

The blue Sesame Street muppet has been persuaded -- one can only imagine the edifying incentives -- to front an ad for the iPhone 6S.

He's here to demonstrate how convenient it is to be able to talk to Siri without holding her. More accurately, without touching your iPhone.

With the 6S series you can just mutter "Hey, Siri," and there she is at your beckoning and calling.

Convenience, though, has its downside. What are you going to do while Siri is sorting everything out for you?

If you're the Cookie Monster, you eat. But even eating has its limits. (I think.)

So in this ad, you'll suffer with him a little, as Siri helpfully provides Jim Croce's poignant lament "Time In A Bottle."

Of course, the real aim of this ad is to make you believe that Siri now grasps people who speak funny far better than she used to.

Given my slight British accent, she used to have no idea what "water" pronounced with the "t" in the middle meant. She was clueless when I asked her to get on the blower for me.

And, if I got frustrated, she had absolutely no idea why I called someone a muppet.

Actually, she still doesn't. I just asked her "why is Tony Blair a bit of a muppet?" and she passed.

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