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Apple App Store? There's a Twitter feed for that...

Apple has created an official Twitter account for its App Store, promising featured apps and exclusive offers for iPhone and iPad owners.

Given Apple's well-known preference for keeping things close to its chest, you might not think Twitter's an ideal fit, but that hasn't stopped it setting up an official Twitter account for the App Store.

Sadly, it hasn't turned it into a hilarious character like the spoof iTunes 10 icon from last year. Instead, @AppStore encourages people to "follow us for official App Store tweets including our featured apps, exclusive offers, and more".

At the time of writing, the account has nearly 80,000 followers, although it's only following five other accounts: iTunesTrailers, iTunesPodcasts, iTunesTV, iTunesMovies and iTunesMusic. As you can tell, Apple is actually doing a fair amount of marketing on Twitter.

The App Store account has posted three tweets linking to apps so far: Whole Foods Market Recipes, Nike Training Club and Tiki Towers 2. So health, health and monkey puzzles.

We're much more intrigued, however, by the mention of "exclusive offers". In the US, Amazon has made a packet from its Daily Deals Twitter feed, offering time-limited discounts on all manner of products.

If Apple is planning the same thing for apps and games on its App Store, we'll be chuffed. There are already sites that specialise in one-day freebies for iPhone games -- FreeAppADay and FreeGameOfTheDay being two of the most popular. Perhaps with its new Twitter account, Apple is planning to join them.