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Apple App Store hits 15 billion downloads, not all of them Angry Birds

Apple's App Store has passed the 15 billion downloads mark. The App Store contains over 425,000 apps, and more than 100,000 of those are native iPad apps.

Apple's Cupertino HQ today echoes with the sound of chest-bumping and bro-fisting -- the Apple App Store has hit the 15 billion downloads mark.

The Store now contains more than 425,000 apps, and over 100,000 of those are native iPad apps. There are now more than 200 million iOS devices in use around the world. That works out an average of 75 apps downloaded per device.

In a statement issued today, Apple's senior vice-president of worldwide product marketing (nice title) Philip Schiller said: "In just three years, the revolutionary App Store has grown to become the most exciting and successful software marketplace the world has ever seen.

"Thank you to all of our amazing developers."

The statement also says that Apple has paid out over $2.5 billion (£1.6 billion) to developers.

It's a major milestone for sure, but it's not all sunshine and roses for Apple's App Store -- very recently Jobs and co. were denied an injunction against Amazon that would have stopped the online bookseller from using the term 'Appstore'. Apple argued that letting Amazon use the term would cause confusion.

Are you hopelessly hooked on iOS apps (we're particularly partial to a spot of Angry Birds, oh, and Cut the Rope. And Infinity Blade and Trainyard), or do you prefer Google's little green robot? Are you packing more apps than average? Let fly in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.