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Apple announces 'consumer' iMac, new G3 PowerBooks

The company unveils the consumer-oriented iMac and new G3 PowerBooks.

Apple press releases cover today's announcements:

Apple unveils iMac
In a major move in to the consumer market, Apple Computer, Inc. today unveiled iMac--the "Internet-age computer for the rest of us." iMac features a striking design, easy Internet access and Pentium-toasting PowerPC G3 performance for $1299. Available in August, iMac is a complete Internet-age computer right out of the box, featuring: A speedy PowerPC G3 microprocessor running at 233MHz with a high speed 512k backside L2 memory cache; Built-in 15-inch high quality display with 1024x768 resolution, 13.8-inch diagonal viewable image size; Easy connectivity--one button Internet access, internal 33.6Kbps modem, 10/100Base-Tx Ethernet, 12Mbps Universal Serial Bus (USB), and 4Mbps infrared port (IrDA); The world's easiest to use operating system, Mac OS 8.1, which runs thousands of Macintosh software titles; All housed in a stunning translucent enclosure that breaks new ground in industrial design. Steve Jobs said "iMac is next year's computer for $1299; not last year's computer for $999."

Apple Introduces PowerBook G3
Combining compelling industrial design with high-performance PowerPC G3 processors, Apple Computer, Inc. today began shipping the PowerBook G3 series of notebook computers. Housed in a sleek, distinctive enclosure, the new PowerBook G3 outperforms all Pentium and Pentium II notebooks. The aggressively priced new notebooks can be built-to-order in over 1,000 possible configurations to meet customers' needs. "The new PowerBook G3 is what the Apple is all about--creating the best computers on the planet," said Steve Jobs, Apple's Interim CEO. "Our design team came up with a great looking PowerBook with performance that blows away Pentium notebooks at all key price points." PowerBook G3 redefines notebook computer design with: Elegant new look with comfortable rounded contours and soft gripping surfaces; State-of-the-art full-sized keyboard; 12.1-inch STN, or 13.3-inch and 14.1-inch TFT displays, each in the same versatile enclosure.

Apple Unveils New Product Strategy
This announcement is essentially a summary of the iMac and G3 PowerBook announcements. "These new product lines give people what they want most, a lightning fast laptop and a striking new consumer Macintosh," said Steve Jobs, Apple's Interim CEO. "Apple leads when it expresses its vision through its products, exciting you and making you proud to own a Mac."

Apple Store Opens E-doors to Education and the United Kingdom
Apple Computer, Inc. today expanded its successful online store with the launch of The Apple Store for Education and The Apple Store UK.