Apple AirPort Firmware 4.0.8; Key Xing 2.6.3; Launch Items X 1.4.2; httpmail plugin 1.11; more

Apple AirPort Firmware 4.0.8; Key Xing 2.6.3; Launch Items X 1.4.2; httpmail plugin 1.11; more


Apple AirPort Firmware 4.0.8 is only for snow (dual-etherent) base station. The new release fixes potential issues with sending email when connected to Verizon DSL services.

Key Xing 2.6.3 is a tool to launch apps, AppleScripts, system actions from keyboard. The latest release adds German localization.

Launch Items X 1.4.2 is a tool to open customized files and folders from CMMs/menu bar. In the new release, the Move Items.plugin now can access file system as well as all levels of application packages in hierarchical menus.

httpmail plugin 1.11 is a plugin that allows it to download Hotmail mail. The new release has changed offline detection code.

Screen Loupe 1.2 displays a magnified view of cursor surroundings. The new release can lock position (to observe an area of interest without following the mouse).

Lasso Studio for Adobe GoLive 6.0.1 eases building data driven sites.

CorelDRAW 11.693 is a graphics illustration suite.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 1.0.1 is a client to connect to PCs. The new release can connect to a specific network port.

MacWireless Card 1.0b2 is a driver for the AirPort-compatible PC card. The latest version fixes the problem with cards not showing up in the System preferences.

Web Confidential X 3.5b9 is a password organizer with strong cryptography. The user interface has been enhanced and modernized in three ways. First, you can now see all your passwords in a list view. Secondly, a Mac OS X style toolbar was added and thirdly, a special Shared Lock Icon Menu gives you access to all your passwords while in your web browser.

MacAdmin LogReader 1.0.1 is a log reader/printer for MacAdminister access.

Write Me 3.0.1 is a Read Me and EULA file creator.

Net Monitor 2.9b9.1 is a tool to graph network interface throughput. The new version fixes inaccessibility of some controls on Input Panel.

DNS Helper 1.0 is a tool to easily create domain, zone, named.conf files for BIND servers. The new version fixes a problem with named.conf output.

CDFinder 4.0.3 is a cross-platform hard disk/DVD/MP3/audio CD cataloger. Dropping a volume icon on the CDFinder application icon in Mac OS X will now launch CDFinder and catalogue the volume.

StreamRipperX 1.04 saves Internet radio streams as MP3 files. The new release is tested with Mac OS X 10.2.4

  • Apple AirPort Firmware 4.0...
  • Key Xing 2.6.3
  • Launch Items X 1.4.2
  • httpmail plugin 1.11
  • Screen Loupe 1.2
  • Lasso Studio for Adobe GoL...
  • CorelDRAW 11.693
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop C...
  • MacWireless Card 1.0b2
  • Web Confidential X 3.5b9
  • MacAdmin LogReader 1.0.1
  • Write Me 3.0.1
  • Net Monitor 2.9b9.1
  • DNS Helper 1.0
  • CDFinder 4.0.3
  • StreamRipperX 1.04
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