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Apple's dancing silhouette ads return in AirPods parody

Party like it's 2003 with Conan O'Brien's version of an Apple AirPods commercial.

Let's head into the not-too-distant past of Apple advertising, back into the 2000s when silhouetted dancers boogied with their iPod MP3 players against brightly colored backgrounds. Late-night host Conan O'Brien hasn't forgotten. "Conan" aired a parody commercial that stars Apple's new AirPod wireless earphones melded with the style of the old iPod ads. Warning: some NSFW language.

There have been some early complaints, worries and jokes about the pricey wireless earphones designed to work with the new iPhone 7 and its lack of a traditional headphone jack.

The commercial starts out like a typical iPod ad with the black shapes of dancers getting down while wearing white AirPods. Then, things go haywire. Wireless earphone fears are realized as the small gadgets go flying off, fall down gutters and get eaten by a dog, all resulting in large cash outlays to replace them. The tag line: "Wireless. Expensive. Lost."

The Team Coco YouTube channel posted the video on Wednesday. It's a funny parody, but if you're really worried about losing your AirPods, then you might want to buy a leash.

(Via 9to5Mac)