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Apple aims to hush recent Power Macs

Apple Computer is giving customers the ability to make their Power Macs a little quieter after some people complained about the excessive noise.

Apple Computer is offering owners of some of its recently introduced Power Macs the ability to make their machines a little less noisy.

The Mac maker on Friday quietly unveiled a program that lets owners of some Power Macs swap out their existing power supply and fan for a new, more muted model. Apple says it is offering the fan and power supply for free; however, the company is charging $20 for shipping and handling.

The move comes after some Mac users complained that the noise from the mirrored-door Power Macs was excessive. A Web site was set up devoted to the topic, including sound clips said to be recorded from offending machines. An online petition on the topic garnered 659 signatures.

The exchange offer applies only to owners of the mirrored-drive door model released in August, not the QuickSilver model that preceded it. Apple says it has already changed the power supply in the new Power Mac machines introduced in January.

"Apple has significantly reduced the operating noise level in its new Power Mac G4 product line," the company said in a statement provided to CNET "Apple is offering customers of the last-generation Power Mac G4s (with mirrored-drive doors) the option of exchanging their original power supplies and system fans for the new, quieter versions."

Apple says the program is voluntary, but those interested must order from the company by June 30.