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Apple again trounces Samsung in US smartphone wars

Apple snagged almost 42 percent of the US smartphone market last quarter, says ComScore, leaving Samsung in second place with 26 percent.

CBS Interactive

Apple and Samsung both saw the same gains in their US smartphone shares last quarter, but the iPhone was by far the top device, according to research firm ComScore.

Looking at the US smartphone market for the past three months of 2013, ComScore pegged Apple with a 41.8 percent share, up 1.2 percentage points from the prior three months. Samsung also grabbed a 1.2 point gain, giving it a 26.1 percent slice of the market. That left Motorola in third place, followed by LG and HTC, none of whom saw growth in their cut of the US smartphone arena last quarter, according to ComScore.

Among actual smartphone platforms, Android saw its share dip but remained on top with a 51.5 percent share, leaving Apple in second place. Third-place BlackBerry eked out a 3.4 percent share, narrowly beating Microsoft's 3.1 percent share. Nokia's largely defunct Symbian closed out the top-five list with just 0.2 percent.

Overall, 156 million consumers in the United States owned smartphones last quarter, up by 3.2 percent from the prior quarter. That number is about half of the total population of the US.