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Apple admits to screwing up retail staffing levels, report says

One of the company's top retail executives says a new staffing system cut retail store employee hours and created layoffs fears, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Josh Long/CNET

Apple's VP of retail told store leadership teams that the company "messed up" when it implemented a new way to schedule staff for its retail stores, indirectly spurring layoff rumors, The Wall Street Journal reported today.

The executive, John Browett, told store management to let employees know that corporate had made a mistake with the new system, which cut hours for some employees and left some Apple retail stores understaffed, two unnamed sources told the Journal.

The changes caused panic among employees, leading to news reports of layoffs.

Browett, who took over the position in April, also told employees that there were no planned layoffs and that Apple is continuing to hire new staff.

The new system was in place for weeks, but Apple has since reverted to its old formula. The changes are still being reversed, Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet told the Journal.

CNET has contacted Apple for more information and we will update when we hear back.