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Apple a laggard in climate-change plans, report says

Environmental group measures climate change programs at corporations to see whether "green" claims are backed up. IBM, Google, and Microsoft fare much better than Apple.

Correction at 8:10 a.m. PDT: Nike's score has been fixed.

IBM, Google, and Microsoft apparently are model citizens when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint, while Apple has a long way to go.

Climate Counts

Climate Counts, a nonprofit funded by yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm, released on Wednesday its annual assessment of corporations' actions related to addressing climate change and whether they live up to their "green" marketing claims.

Climate Counts uses public information to rank companies in all industries.

The electronics and IT industry had the best industry ranking with a score of 56 on average out of a possible 100 points, led by a score of 77 from IBM, which edged out consistently high performer Canon.

The industry does well because most vendors have done a lifecycle analysis of their carbon emissions, examining energy and consumption of its supply chain partners, and the impact of waste from their products.

Apple, which has come under fire for the use of toxic materials, scored at the bottom of the electronics sector list with an 11.

According to its individual scorecard, Apple's ranking was hurt by incomplete reporting and because it hasn't set goals to reduce its own or its partners' greenhouse gases.

Climate Counts

In the area of Internet/software, Google has become the new standard-bearer. Google got the top spot because it has a program to measure its carbon emissions and because of its program through to invest in clean-energy ventures.

The overall leader across all industries was Nike, which scored 82. Click here for PDFs of the results and the press release.