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App Store Resource Center to guide iPhone devs

Apple introduces a destination for developers if iPhone applications, ranging from advice on preparing an app for submission to managing an app, once available on the App Store.

Apple sent an e-mail to iPhone app developers on Friday afternoon announcing the App Store Resource Center, a destination for details on application review and distribution, ranging from advice on preparing an app for submission to managing an app once it is available on the App Store.

According to Apple:


"The App Store Resource Center provides details on how to get started with iTunes Connect, including setting up your account, contract and banking information, what you'll need to have prepared before you submit your binary, and quick reference guides on assigning a rating to your app and using keywords.

"You'll learn what you can do to ensure your app is ready for the approval process and what to expect during review. You'll also find guidance on managing your app, once it's on the App Store, including app-editing information, submitting updates for your app, and where you can find and leverage sales and marketing resources."

Apple also advised developers to "check out the News and Announcements section of the iPhone Dev Center for tips on submitting your apps to the App Store, turnaround time for app review, new program features, and guidance on everything from development and testing to distribution and marketing."

Developers need a registered iPhone Developer Apple ID and password, which can be obtained by signing up for a paid membership to Apple's iPhone Developer program, to access the App Store Resource Center and the iPhone Dev Center.