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App of the Day: SketchBook Ink

SketchBook Pro has a new, simpler sibling: SketchBook Ink.

Welcome to CNET Australia's App of the Day, where you can see some of the coolest, silliest and most useful apps in action.

SketchBook Ink is a sister app to SketchBook Pro, which we looked at a few weeks ago, and it works more or less in the same way — only less so. It's pared back to just ink drawing, which means that there are far fewer options. You have your ink brushes, which you can resize, but there are only nine, rather than the larger number of options available in SketchBook Pro. This isn't a bad thing; the options available in SketchBook Pro can be overwhelming, and SketchBook Ink is much more user friendly as a result.

You can still choose the colours for your pens by using the colour wheel, and, although the app seems to be missing an eraser, the absence of layers and effects makes it a much more simple drawing app for those who found SketchBook Pro just a little bit daunting.

SketchBook Ink for iPad (AU$1.99)