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App of the Day: Pitfall

After 30 years, Pitfall Harry is back in an iOS game that's even more addicting than the original.

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For his 30th birthday, Pitfall Harry is back — in iOS format. Unsurprisingly, it is in the endless-runner format (which we find to complement the original game quite nicely), but before you dismiss it as just another Temple Run clone, it has a few pretty neat points of difference. Firstly, Harry runs through a variety of really cool environments, which keeps gameplay fresh and engaging — and, while this might seem a superficial change, the different camera angles really make the game seem like something new in the format, and there are several stages that mix it up nicely — in the cave, you get to ride a mine cart, and there's a motorcycle level later on. Also, Harry's different and crazy outfits mean that he gets different running animations, too. We also like the combat, which allows you to destroy the enemies in your path with just a simple tap. If you don't end up playing it for hours, we don't know you.

Pitfall for iOS (AU$0.99)