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App of the Day: Pair

Welcome to Pair: a private social network for just you and your sweetie pie.

Welcome to CNET Australia's App of the Day, where you can see some of the coolest, silliest and most useful apps in action.

On first impressions, Pair is an odd one; it seems to be like a social network between just two people. On further consideration, we really like the idea. Sometimes, texting between you and your sweet baboo just isn't enough; Pair adds some really lovely little interaction functions that help close long-distance gaps. These include free photo, video and text messages; little sketches; shared to-do lists; and possibly the most aww-inducing thing: the ThumbKiss, which allows you to see where your loved one is touching the screen, so that you can touch it in the same place — causing both phones to vibrate. This thing has pink love hearts coming out of it like crazy.

Pair for Android (Free)
Pair for iPhone (Free)