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App of the Day: Lil' Kingdom

Build an underground castle, fill it with people and put them to work, you tyrant, you.

Welcome to CNET Australia's App of the Day, where you can see some of the coolest, silliest and most useful apps in action.

We just can't avoid time-management games, it seems. I actually really like Lil' Kingdom, in spite of the twee name. In it, you build an underground castle, adding levels and populating them with people, stores and workshops — each floor can have up to three workers, and you get bonuses if you match them up to the job they want. You manage the production of goods, as well as ferrying passengers to floors from aboveground and going on quests for the princess for rewards. It's really engrossing, and, unlike other games of this ilk, you won't find yourself seriously hampered in progress if you don't spend money. The in-game purchases are available, but it's up to you whether you take advantage of a shortcut or not. It's cute — and great for kids. Just make sure that you disable in-app purchases before handing over your phone.

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