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App of the Day: Flight Control Rocket

It's a logical progression for Flight Control as it heads for the stars.

Welcome to CNET Australia's App of the Day, where you can see some of the coolest, silliest and most useful apps in action.

When your game has gone great guns, what's the next direction? Up, up and away! Flight Control Rocket takes Aussie developer Firemint's air-traffic game into the space age — which actually makes a bit more sense than taking birds into space, but never mind. You're now directing rockets instead of aeroplanes, but the basic concept remains the same. The game is more than a psychedelic re-skin, though; it includes new spacecraft, new game modes and the addition of friendly little robots that give you different abilities and help boost your score. You guide your spacecraft into landing docks and pads, and you have to make snap decisions quickly to avoid collisions. It's fast paced, hectic and engaging.

Flight Control Rocket for iOS (AU$0.99)