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App of the Day: Adobe Photoshop Touch

Photoshop has finally arrived on the iPad proper, and, while it has its limitations, it's one of the more fully featured image editors available on the app store.

Welcome to CNET Australia's App of the Day, where you can see some of the coolest, silliest and most useful apps in action.

Photoshop Touch, which was launched on Android a few months ago, is now available for the iPad. For what it is, it's certainly worth the $10 asking price. It isn't, of course, as fully featured a version of Photoshop as you'll find available for a PC, because tablets just aren't capable of handling, for example, the file sizes that a desktop computer can manage, but it is about as good as a tablet can manage. It has a good selection of tools, such as brushes, adjustments, effects, warps, text and gradients, so it's much more than your basic photo editor. It's not without its minor gripes, though — using the text tool, for example, is fiddly — but it more than makes up for it with its feature set, and overall it's been well adapted to the touchscreen.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android (AU$10.49)
Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad (AU$10.49)