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App not selling? There's a place to sell its code

iPhone developers looking for an exit have a new place to sell their creation: iPhone Application List's "App Exchange."

Back at the World Wide Developers Conference in June, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the company had paid out more than a billion dollars to application developers through the App Store. But what about those developers who had created something that hadn't sold so well?

There's a new service from application tracking site iPhone Application List, called the App Exchange that is playing matchmaker to such developers. There, they can effectively offload their creation to another party who might be able to do a better job, or at least use some of the app's technology in another product.

Developers who have created an application within the past year, can send the details about it--including things like active users and the number of downloads and in-app purchases to the site. In turn, the company puts it up in a directory where others can get in touch with the developer and make an offer. Built on top of all that is a discussion forum, and any related information about the app, as per what can be found through the iPhone Application List's directory.

As of me writing this, there are only two applications listed on the exchange: Barcode Reader from Shape Services, and Sky Racer 2 from Shape's subsidiary Warelex:

Apps for sale
The first, and only two apps on the App Exchange so far are from the same company. One's a utility, and the other is a game. Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET

An iPhone Applications List representative says the next phase is for the site to act as a broker for buyers, so that developers will be able to buy and sell apps directly through them without having to do any of the legwork. Until then, the company plans to maintain a listing of who has been selling their apps, as well as who they've sold their technology to.

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