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Don't forget to floss: App tells you how nice your smile is

In addition to rating your gnashers, the app tells you how trustworthy, elegant and friendly your smile makes you look.


Want to know if you really do have a nice smile? A company in Japan now has an app for that.

Tokyo-based cosmetics giant Shiseido is launching an app that rates smiles on a scale from 0 to 120. You'll use the front camera of a smartphone or tablet like a mirror, and the app will score your smile accordingly. The technology behind it is developed in part by Sony.

The app can also provide a guide to your perceived appearance in a range of categories, such as trustworthiness, elegance, beauty and friendliness. How it comes up with these readings has not been detailed, but who doesn't like being told their smile is elegant?

A third feature allows you to record and track smile quality so as to help you improve. It's worth practising, with a good smile being linked to happiness, trustworthiness and even competence.

The app is still being developed, and will be trialled in July by some 5,000 in-flight attendants working for Japan Airlines. These trials will last though September, with Shiseido hoping to fine-tune the app before release.

No official announcements on pricing have yet been made, and it's currently unclear whether it will appear on Apple devices, Android or both.