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App finds iPad 2 stock in nearby stores

For those still on the hunt for an iPad 2, a new app promises to make the process easier, scouring inventory supply at local retailers to help find the color and capacity of choice.

iPad 2 finder
Debra Orton

Despite iPad 2 ship times currently sitting at one to two weeks from Apple, many customers still opt to get one sooner by trying their luck at local retailers. However, trying to find one specific color, in the capacity and connectivity of choice for the 18 possible variations, can be a hit-or-miss affair when shopping at nearby stores.

Attempting to solve that, a new app called FindOne gathers stock information from Target and Wal-mart stores and lets users pick the specific models they want to see if they are available and where they can get them.

The application makes use of your location to figure out how far away the stores are and provides store details like hours of operation, addresses, and phone numbers to get in touch to verify its information.

Not supported are Apple stores, RadioShack, Best Buy, or Toys "R" Us retail locations, where iPad 2 models can also be found. On developer Debra Orton's support site, she says RadioShack and Toys "R" Us will be included in future updates.

The app is free of charge, and only available for iOS devices.

(via App Advice)