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App-etite for comparison: Internet services on TVs

CNET editors compare Internet services, like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and more, on 2010 HDTVs.

Vizio's VIA platform lets you multitask by running apps on top of streaming services. Sarah Tew/CNET

What a difference a year makes. In 2009, which saw the first serious attempts at TVs with built-in Internet services, we reviewed plenty of mixed bags. On the plus side, essential streaming video services like Netflix and Vudu seemed to work relatively well, but on the minus side, utility widgets (mainly powered by Yahoo) were sluggish, remotes were unwieldy, Wi-Fi was nonexistent, and content selections were limited. In 2010, most if not all of those problems have been addressed by many makers.

This 2010 comparison looks at the major manufacturers' Internet-enabled TV platforms, arranged in order of which ones we like best (so far this year). For more details, check out the full reviews, which include slideshows and video of the services in action, full listings of content partners, and lots of hands-on observations.

Check out the 2010 comparison here.