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Aperion's new Intimus 5B Harmony SD speakers rock

We recently reviewed Aperion's new Intimus 5B Harmony SD speaker system and found its excellent performance and build quality make it worthy of its price tag.

We just posted our review of Aperion's new Intimus 5B Harmony SD home theater speakers, and the verdict is in: Aperion's new system sounds seriously awesome. It's got a new remote-controlled sub, with adjustable EQ, which we loved for changing sub levels on the fly without getting off the couch. But the real selling point is the system's sonics, and resident Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg gives it a strong recommendation. We had some quibbles--the biggest of which was the difficult subwoofer setup--but overall we were really impressed with performance and build quality of the Intimus 5b Harmony SD speaker system. And yes, they're pricey at $1,750, but your money is well spent as they rival system speakers that cost far more.

Check out the full review of Intimus 5B Harmony SD speakers for all the details.