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AOL's Socialthing brings streaming and sharing to Warner Bros. TV

The FriendFeed-like service will be worked into the entertainment conglomerate's digital properties so that members can share content and see what their friends are doing.

Social media is coming to Warner Bros. Television Group's online properties, thanks to a smallish AOL property called Socialthing.

A feed of members' activity across Warner Bros. entertainment,, DC Hero Zone, MomLogic, Essence, and be displayed on their Socialthing profiles. So, if you watch a "Gossip Girl" video on or play a game on DC Hero Zone, it'll show up in your feed, and you can keep tabs on what your friends are doing as well (and share bits of content with them). There will also be fictional Socialthing profiles for characters like the "Gossip Girl" cast as part of a broader promotional effort.

As some others have pointed out, it's nice to see AOL finally showing some synergy with parent company Time Warner. You know, before it gets spun off and all.

AOL purchased Socialthing, a would-be competitor to FriendFeed, last summer and integrated it into the "People Networks" division anchored by the company's earlier acquisition of Bebo. Last month, AOL relaunched Socialthing as "a revolutionary new platform that brings social-networking services to Web sites and enables publishers to attract new users and keep them engaged wherever they are on the Web" and announced that it would be working the service into its MediaGlow content network.

From what it sounds like, it won't be all that different to what Viacom has been doing with its own "social platform" technology, Flux. Right now, members can log in with AOL and AIM accounts, but it'll soon be expanded to include Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and OpenID credentials with the help of the various data portability tools out there.

Disclosure: The CW television network is a joint venture between Warner Bros. and CBS. CNET News is published by CBS Interactive, a unit of CBS.