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AOL Video adds Paramount Pictures

Viacom movie studio offers downloadable movies and TV shows on Time Warner site.

AOL announced on Monday that Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom, has signed on to offer downloadable movies and TV shows via AOL Video. Some of the titles Paramount is releasing to AOL Video include film classics such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Chinatown," as well as newer titles such as "Failure to Launch." In addition to Paramount, AOL also announced partnerships with BlueHighways TV, Plum, MyPath*TV and The Employment & Career Channel.

AOL Video debuted in August and now includes content from Twentieth Century Fox Film, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios, among others. Video content ranges in price from $10 to $20, with the option of free streaming video or download-to-own video content. The site also hosts user-generated content and offers video search.