AOL to block scammers' sites

Company strikes a deal with security specialist Cyota to help it identify sites that falsely appear to represent legitimate businesses.

America Online on Wednesday is expected to unveil plans to block identity theft sites and monitor suspected Web sites around the clock.

The online unit of Time Warner struck a partnership with Cyota, a New York-based online security company, to help identify and block sites imitating legitimate companies--such as banks--that are suspected of soliciting personal information, a process known phishing.

"Phishing and identity theft are the fastest-growing security threats online," Tatiana Platt, an AOL senior vice president, said in a statement. "By limiting our members' access to suspected phishing sites, we're trying to cut the lines before a phisher can reel them in."

Platt said AOL also plans to release other products aimed at curbing junk mail and other online scams.

AOL has implemented a number of subscriber security measures in recent months, including a keychain-sized passcode generator needed to log into an account.

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