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AOL, 'Survivor' to pair up for reality show

The show will likely debut later this year, but details are scant on what the "reality treasure hunt" project will entail.

America Online on Monday said that it plans to develop a "reality treasure hunt" show called "Gold Rush" in a new deal with Mark Burnett Productions, the company that created such hits as "Survivor" and "The Apprentice." According to a press release, the show will "track real-life challengers searching for treasure across the United States" based on clues embedded throughout the AOL network and in print, wireless and television media.

Details of the project--including the logistics of who can participate and what the prizes might entail--remain scant, though Mark Burnett said in a statement that the show aims to feed the desires of reality-show fans "who want a lot more content than they can enjoy during one hour of television per week." AOL spokeswoman Ruth Sarfaty told CNET that "it's a top secret situation at the moment," revealing only that the show will likely debut later this year.