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AOL signs on to OpenSocial developer standard

While it'll be one of the biggest partners in the Google-created project, AOL does not plan a formal announcement. Its social network, Bebo, is already a member.

AOL will officially support OpenSocial, the developer standard created by Google for social-networking applications. The announcement was hinted at by Google Director of Engineering David Glazer in a speech at the Google I/O conference Wednesday.

The online service-turned-media brand will join pretty much every big player in online media that isn't Facebook: MySpace and Yahoo, for example, were major partners when Google spun OpenSocial off into its own nonprofit organization.

It's not a surprise: Bebo, the social network acquired by AOL earlier this year, already supports OpenSocial, and is being tightly integrated into other AOL communication properties like AIM and ICQ.

More details are forthcoming. AOL is not issuing a formal press release, representatives told CNET Wednesday. The announcement will be in the form of a post on the OpenSocial blog later in the day.