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AOL offers more mobile Web services

New Web portal service will include e-mail, AIM, search engines, maps, driving directions for Sprint subscribers.

AOL, in partnership with Sprint, announced a new Web portal service that adapts Internet content for easier use on cell phones. The new service will include e-mail, instant messaging, search engines, photo services, blogging and directional services. The services are available to those customers with Web-enabled phones. Previously, AOL offered only limited mobile Internet services. In addition to more features, this new service also adapts Internet content to better suit mobile phone screens using InfoGin technology.

MapQuest Navigator, an AOL brand, will provide a mobile phone navigation service designed to reach out to MapQuest's current user base of 40 million. The service, according to a statement, will include turn-by-turn voice prompts. The service would provide a less expensive alternative to in-car GPS tracking and mapping services. MapQuest's "Find Me" service is already available to Sprint subscribers via BlackBerry handhelds.