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AOL, Netscape push portals

AOL is beefing up its portal with a preview of its personalized news service, while Netscape pushes its consumer content on Netcenter.

The battle to be Net users' home page rages on, with AOL beefing up its offering with a beta of its personalized news service and Netscape launching a multimillion-dollar showbiz campaign to push the consumer content on its Netcenter portal. Meanwhile, AOL is tapped for a high-profile government antidrug campaign.

AOL tests feature
The online giant quietly launches a beta version of a personalized news service on its site, the latest step in the site's redesign process.

Netscape turns on the charm
update The firm launches a glitzy movie studio campaign to push the consumer-oriented content on its Netcenter portal site.

AOL hosts federal antidrug push
update The White House kicks off a new national antidrug media campaign, with AOL as an online partner.