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AOL names new online marketing exec

update Former USA Networks executive Lisa Brown is the first major executive to be brought onboard by AOL's newly appointed CEO Jonathan Miller.

update America Online on Monday named former USA Networks division head Lisa Brown as executive vice president of interactive marketing.

Brown, formerly the chief executive of USA Electronic Commerce Solutions, will report to the AOL unit's sales head, interactive marketing president Robert Sherman. Brown will also work closely with AOL's broadband and brand marketing groups to develop new types of sponsorships and advertisements for the company's flagship Internet service.

Brown becomes the first major executive brought onboard by AOL's newly appointed CEO Jonathan Miller. Since he joined in August, Miller has reshuffled the company's executive structure in anticipation of a strategic shift in operations.

Last week, James de Castro, who oversaw operations of the AOL online service, resigned to pursue other interests. Longtime veteran and AOL Vice Chairman Ted Leonsis assumed de Castro's responsibilities.

Miller and his team are trying to overhaul AOL's strategic direction now that the division's online advertising revenue has plummeted and its subscriber growth has slowed. Later this week, AOL division executives will present their strategic plan to AOL Time Warner's board of directors. The company will unveil its strategy to the public Dec. 3.

Miller has taken steps to revise AOL's online advertising strategy. Last month, he announced the company would discontinue using third-party pop-up advertisements in an attempt to win back AOL subscribers. He said revenues lost from the elimination of pop-ups would be regained through new advertising plans.