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AOL Mobile Search for iPhone launched

AOL Mobile Search for iPhone launched

AOL has launched an iPhone-optimized version of its Mobile Search service. Mobile Search has a traditional Web search engine, but also has features specially tailored to search the content of various AOL properties, including Moviefone, MapQuest, AOL CityGuide and others. So, for instance, searching for hotels in a specific location will bring back a list of entries from CityGuide with inline phone numbers. Searching for a movie will bring back results from an iPhone-optimized version of Moviefone, complete with inline times.

AOL Mobile Search for the iPhone also automatically retrieves other iPhone-optimized sites first in search results. For instance, searching for "Facebook" in Mobile Search for the iPhone will bring back as the top result.

A six-minute video demonstration of the service is available on AOL's blog, but it's not viewable on the iPhone.