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AOL improves Windows client software

As expected, AOL shipped an improved version of its Windows client software.

As expected, America Online today shipped a new and improved version of its Windows client software, as well as launching a new pricing program for heavy users of the service.

Version 3.0 of the AOL client software adds the ability to view and navigate pages while graphics are downloading; the ability to add hyperlinks to email messages; support for HTML 3.0; a redesigned interface; and applets capabilities that allows the AOL client to be updated through small software add-ons as new features become available.

A Macintosh version of the AOL 3.0 software with a similar feature set is expected in the fall.

AOL today also launched its 20/20 pricing plan, first announced last May. The program gives consumers 20 hours of online time for $19.95 per month, plus $2.95 for each additional hour.

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