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AOL, Disney unveil new kids sites

Disney Online announces a new toy that will connect to a fairy virtual world, and AOL relaunches a kids site in partnership with National Geographic.

Pixie Hollow
A scene from Pixie Hollow Disney Online

Online kids playgrounds are more popular than ever. Disney Online said Tuesday that it will add to its online services for children with a new virtual world called Pixie Hollow, based on fictional characters like Disney's Tinkerbell and building on the site Similar to Disney's Toontown and Club Penguin, the company's newest virtual world will feature instant chat, games and tools to personal the environment. Disney did not specify when Pixie will launch, but it said that it will open the first phase later this year.

Also on Tuesday, AOL said that it will relaunch its kids site KOL with newly featured content from National Geographic Kids, among others. The new site will also let kids customize the page, sign up for a personal e-mail address and play as many as 100 games.

The sites were unveiled at the Toy Fair in New York.

Steve Parkis, Disney Online's senior vice president for online products, said the company also introduced new Disney Fairies toys that will connect to the Pixie Hollow virtual world and let girls make friends, among other activities. "Fans have already created millions of Fairy avatars on, making it evident that there is a strong desire for additional content around these beloved stories and characters," he said in a statement.