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AOL bans teens, promotes streams

The online giant sets limits on where adolescents can shop, amid criticism that teens could buy alcohol and porn. In addition, the company unveils a high-speed radio service.

The online giant sets limits on where adolescents can shop, amid criticism that its partners allowed young adults to buy porn, alcohol and tobacco. Also, the launch of Broadband Radio@AOL marks the online giant's first live run of its Ultravox technology.

America Online scraps teen shopping
The Internet service giant has banned teens from its shopping areas, following criticism that the proprietary online service allowed young adults to buy pornography, alcohol and tobacco from partner sites.
November 18, 2002

AOL debuts its own streaming tech
update America Online launches a broadband radio service that showcases Ultravox, a streaming media technology quietly developed by the Web giant itself. What will it mean to RealNetworks?
November 18, 2002

Online marketing head named
Former USA Networks executive Lisa Brown is the first major executive to be brought onboard by AOL's newly appointed CEO Jonathan Miller.
November 18, 2002

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AOL's Ted Leonsis returns
Faced with a growing management void, America Online is turning to one of its few remaining veterans to help execute a tough turnaround.
November 14, 2002