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ANZ brings Apple Pay and Android Pay to MasterCard customers

While the big credit card companies have been quick to market in Australia, ANZ is leading the way among the big four banks in bringing mobile payments to the masses.


Apple Pay and Android Pay will now be available to ANZ customers with a MasterCard.


The two big names in contactless payments are slowly making their way into the Australian market, with ANZ today announcing that it will extend support for Apple Pay and Android Pay to customers with an ANZ-issued MasterCard.

From today, the 500,000-plus ANZ customers with a MasterCard will be able to use Apple Pay on their iPhone or Android Pay on their Android phone to make payments. That means any contactless terminal that accepts tap-and-go card payments will also accept your phone.

It's another win for ANZ, which has led the big four banks in early adoption of third-party mobile payment platforms.

Credit card providers such as American Express and Citibank have taken the claim of "first to market" with platforms such as Apple Pay (which launched exclusively for American Express-issued cards in November last year) and Samsung Pay, which launched for Amex and Citibank customers in June 2016.

But now, ANZ has once again beaten out rivals Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and NAB in bringing mobile payments to the masses.

Apple Pay came to ANZ in April this year for ANZ-issued Amex and Visa cards. Android Pay followed a similar path, launching with ANZ, American Express and a number of smaller institutions in July this year.