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The Internet start-up names an IBM executive as acting chairman as it debuts new calendaring software.

Internet start-up has named John Landry, an IBM executive and former Lotus Development employee, as acting chairman, and also has debuted new calendaring software.

An announcement is expected later today.'s launch is the latest example of the boom in Web-based applications, providing an alternative to the traditional computing desktop. Portals such as Yahoo and Netscape's NetCenter have launched online calendar programs, to which consumers increasingly are turning to schedule appointments and list important dates. promises a "one-stop, one-click" day planner portal. The product will be in public beta by the end of February, a spokesman said. The company also plans to strike deals to provide customers with news, weather, and sports, as well as the ability to buy tickets online. The service also includes an events directory that lists sporting events, trade shows, and the like.

Landry also has served as chairman of Narrative Communications, which has been sold to the @Home Network. was founded last year and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.