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'Anybody who legally downloads music is an idiot!' says irate record store owner

Irate record shop owner thinks anybody who legally downloads music is an idiot.

The view from inside Rockit Scientist Records Steve Guttenberg

It's in the East Village around the corner from where the 1960s rock Mecca, the Fillmore East once stood. Rockit Scientist Records is a blast from the past, a 'Village record shop that's a treasure trove for collector oriented psychedelia, '60s, '70s, and '80s garage rock, underground, progressive, punk, blues, soul, reggae, and jazz.

Rockit carries mostly CDs, but there's a lot of new and used vinyl, with a smattering of music DVDs. Owner John Kioussis is there six days a week and always multitasking. "It's not rocket science," heh, heh--drop in, and you'll likely find him sorting records, chatting on the phone and serving in-store customers--all at the same time.

Asked if downloads are killing his business, John got a little worked up, "Anybody who legally downloads music is an idiot! You can get it for free, why pay for it? Download it illegally, who's going to catch you? Legal or illegal, they sound the same."

Ah, but the CD or LP, that's way better, so if you're going to pay, you might as well buy the physical version. Maybe get some nice cover art or booklet. Makes sense to me. John quipped, "If I was a kid I'd be downloading music, but if you ask me I think the music business blew it by charging too much for CDs."

Rockit doesn't have website but does mail order. The shop is located on 33 Saint Marks Place, so if you're into this sort of music and in NYC definitely check it out. Out of towners can call 212 242 0066 or Fax 212 645 5432.