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Anybody else think this looks like a human fishing rod?

'Home Swimmer' gadget is just really creepy.


This "Home Swimmer" contraption scares the living daylights out of me. No, not in the same way that Mike Yamamoto runs screaming every time he hears the words "hello" and "kitty" in the same sentence, but it's still creepy. Why? Because it looks like a fishing rod. The Home Swimmer is supposed to enable "stationary swimming" if you happen to have a small pool that doesn't cater to lap swimming, but it looks like a fishing rod.

The guy in this photograph looks like he's attempting (in vain) to escape some kind of monstrous angler who hooked him in the pants. Nice fodder for a New Yorker cartoon, but in real life, this is just too unnerving. It costs $69.95, which will buy you a few months' membership at the local YMCA. Do us all a favor and go join a community pool instead.

(Via Cribcandy)