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Ants database company replaces CEO

President Joseph Kozak, a former Oracle executive, will take over CEO position. New data server scheduled for fourth quarter.

High-end database company Ants Software on Wednesday promoted its president, Joseph Kozak, to CEO, replacing Boyd Pearce.

Ants makes a high-performance database which is compatible with existing corporate database, including Oracle Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. The company's business strategy is to sell its Ants Data Server as a way to consolidate several databases onto a single machine, thereby lowering costs of maintenance and administration. It partners with IBM to co-market the server, according to Pearce. At LinuxWorld conference this week, Ants announced that version 3.6 of Ants Data Server will be available in the fourth quarter. The update will improve compatibility with Oracle, Sybase and Informix databases, improve performance, and add systems management tools, according to the company. A beta will be available at the end of September.